Marius Cassien



Marius of House Cassien is the uncle on the father’s side of the current lord Cassien.

Married to Lucille Cassien
Their children

House Cassien of Comorant’s Beak


Marius is the little brother of the late Lord of House Cassien.
He grew up in Cormorant’s Beak, but left at the age of 20 as the story goes, to avoid a forced marriage. Instead, he married a girl, Lucille, in Sunspear and they started a family together.
Over the next 20 years, Marius served as an officer at sea under the Martell’s and became known among the broad population of Dorne, as “Sø-Skarven” – a name he embraced, that has been sung by wandering entertainers and mentioned among sailors in all the inns near a coast, mostly known for his deeds pertaining to containing the issues of piracy near the coasts of Dorne – and especially near Sunspear.

I år 180 vendte Marius tilbage til Meander for at støtte sin nevø efter tabet af den gamle lord og den abdicerede storebroder.
Landet var i borgerkrig og ved at falde fra hinanden.
I slaget ved Calaceinte (180) ledte Marius, fra sit flagship Cormorant, Lord Jathaniels hær, i undertal mod en større oprørshær, til en storslået sejr uden nævneværdige tab.

Marius Cassien

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